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Our helpful heroes

Helping people achieve their ambitions in the right way is the meaning of life here at Barclaycard. Our innovations, services and products have our customers’ best interests at heart and that’s how we like it

Every year we run a brand tracker score, which does what it says on the tin. We ask consumers a bunch of questions around our products, services and solutions, and analyse their answers to see where we’re hitting the mark and where we’re falling short. This year the focus was on boosting our grade in one area in particular: e-commerce.

Our people: it’s what we’re famous for

When it comes to boosting their popularity, most businesses plug their products and very little else. We had another idea. Our people speak louder than words, and the human expertise they bring to the complex world of consumer e-commerce is something that sets us apart from other payment organisations. So we shared them with the world in our People Included campaign. In case you missed it, here’s a handful of reasons our colleagues are so special.

Barclaycard staff

They’re the friendly ‘neighbourhood watch’ for customers’ data security

“When data was found on a criminal’s computer that was linked to one of our customers, I got involved and so did the police,” says Tim Norman, a Data Compromise Manager. “The people behind the break-in were the subjects of an ongoing criminal investigation. We were able to supply the police with intelligence, from IP addresses to the type of malware they used, to help them stop further cyber-attacks.”

Catching criminals is just part of the day job for colleagues like Tim who specialise in data security. When they suspect a merchant’s had their customers’ details stolen, it’s all systems go. They contact the merchant immediately, guide them through the process of containing the breach and help them arm themselves against another attack. Some cases are resolved quickly; others go on for months. But whether a merchant’s interaction with us is brief or fairly lengthy, our colleagues are there to support them every step of the way.

They can support each and every service with their eyes shut (but they don’t, that would be silly)

Whether it’s buying products to check online transactions are working or supporting a major supermarket on Christmas day morning, there’s no problem too big or too small for our Technical Relationship colleagues. This team of specialists support our larger-end, retail customers with their electronic point of sale (EPOS) solutions, like card machines, web or phone order payments. That means authorisations, settlements for transactions and everything in between. Colleagues meet with customers, help them set up and use their EPOS solutions, and are then on hand to help whenever needed.

Richard Haggett, Head of Technical Relationship Management, explains: “I really enjoy the interaction I have with customers. I’m learning something new every day and developing honest relationships with them. We’ve got our eye on all of the services, and we do our absolute best to make authorising and settling transactions as painless as possible. In this line of work, it really is about walking the walk as well as talking the talk.”

And it’s more than just a technical relationship – genuine friendships form too. Colleagues and customers have gained friends for life, and it’s these close relationships that make sticking with Barclaycard a no-brainer.

Barclaycard staff

They help make Payment Gateways a walk in the park

You have a website selling, say, vintage clothing. You’ve set up pages for customers to browse your products, but now you need to get them through to a payment page in order to accept their money. That’s where our Payment Gateway Analysts come in. Keeping complex language to a minimum, analysts get customers up and running with their site. They educate customers on anything from financial technicalities to what their web developer would need to do to make a significant page change. And when a problem needs solving further down the line, colleagues are ready and waiting.

Grace Cardouza is one of those colleagues. “I’ve only ever worked in a cardholder services environment,” says Grace, a Payment Gateway Anayst. “I’m just a voice over a phone so I like to inject my personality into calls, and customers really appreciate that. I said to one guy, ‘The next time you call you’ll speak to crazy Grace, but you’ll get a professional after that,’ and he just laughed and said, ‘It’s nice to know there’s someone like me on the other side of the phone.’”

That’s only three reasons

But the list goes on and on – and on. Our colleagues are the life and soul of our business and we like it that way.