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A problem shared is a problem solved

Meet the team that help thousands of customers every day

Whether it’s help applying for a Barclaycard, advice on the mybarclaycard app or support with a tricky case of fraud – it’s all part of a day’s work for the Barclaycard teams in Barclays Shared Services

Welcome to the business

Barclays Shared Services (BSS) is a team of over 9,000 people, spread across India and South Africa, who provide operations support and services to businesses across Barclays. It’s a massive team, but their goal is simple: to help customers in the most efficient way possible.

And within BSS, the Barclaycard customer service, fraud prevention and customer payment solutions teams are on hand and ready to take your call. The Internet Helpdesk and Fraud Preventions teams are just two of those helping to make customers’ finances simpler.

Tech talk

Everyone knows that from time to time technology doesn’t do what we want it to: “There’s a problem with my password so I can’t make an online transaction – what should I do?” or “Why can’t I log in to the mybarclaycard app?” If it happens, the chances are you’ll give our customer services team a ring and find yourself talking to a member of the Internet Helpdesk. Manned by a team of 80 tech-savvy colleagues, the Internet Helpdesk handle around 90,000 calls a month. And working alongside them is the Internet Complaints Escalation Helpdesk. When customers get in touch to let us know there’s a problem with one of our digital services, it’s this team that identifies the problem and gets the right people on the case to fix it. On average they handle around 1,500 customer issues a month, across all sites including social media. That’s a lot of tweeting.

Barclaycard India

Crime stoppers

Sometimes, though, problems go a bit further than resolving a password issue or processing a new card request. When customers become the unsuspecting victims of card fraud, it’s up to the Fraud Investigation team to spot it and stop it. Putting their rational-thinking and decision-making skills to the test, the investigators monitor personal and commercial Barclaycards to spot any suspicious activity.

Keeping on top of the latest crime-fighting technology, fraudulent behaviour and trends, investigating cases and ensuring future fraud strategies will work – it’s all part of the day job. They’re your everyday heroes, working silently in the background to help customers keep their hard-earned money safe.

Staying on top

Colleagues in BSS start their journey with Barclaycard by going through cultural and communication training. That means getting them clued-up on UK culture. But the team doesn’t stop there. New training programmes that go above and beyond the business’s own programmes are being developed all the time, ensuring everyone is up to speed on the latest ways to help customers manage their money.

It takes a certain kind of person

There’s more to being a BSS colleague than having top telephone skills. With a focus on customers and a drive to be the best, colleagues take pride in their contribution to our business. And their innovative thinking and outside-the-box ideas are second to none.