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The bPay family

Contactless cards kick-started a revolution in the way we pay. Now, a new, trend-setting generation of bPay wearables is bringing an extra layer of convenience. It’s a smart and simple way to pay for your whole day.

bPay by Barclaycard brings you three new, wearable ways to pay. Keep things close to hand with a bPay wristband, add purchasing power to your keys or bag with a bPay fob, or turn just about anything into a contactless card with a bPay sticker.

Simply choose the device that’s the best fit for you. Whichever you select, the results are the same. Fast, easy and secure contactless purchases without the stress of fumbling around for cash or having to enter your PIN.

bPay has benefits for everyone. Commuters will find using public transport a whole lot quicker. Shoppers will find it easier to pay, even with their hands full. No-sweat payments mean fitness fans can leave their cards and cash at home, while parents can give their kids their own way to pay on days out.

Touch and go technology

At the heart of bPay is a digital wallet that’s linked to your device and is used to make payments up to the value of £30 at over 300,000 locations across the UK. Just hold your bPay device near a terminal to make it pay. It really is touch and go.

A shiny online hub and multi-platform mobile app allow bPay users to buy, manage and top up their devices wherever they are. With the app, you can view all your transactions right there on your phone, transfer funds to your digital wallet and even manage your device’s settings. It couldn’t be easier.

The right fit for you

  • The bPay wristband is all you need, all on your wrist. It’s convenient, adjustable and durable, with secure fastening for comfort and security.
  • The bPay fob can be attached to a key ring or bag and keeps the power of contactless close by. If you never go anywhere without your keys or bag, you’ll never be without an easy way to pay.
  • The bPay sticker will turn anything into a contactless payment device. It’s a discreet, secure sticker that can be put on any flat surface, allowing you to fully personalise the way you pay.

bPay is safer than cash and just as secure as credit and debit cards, with all payments having the same fraud protection that’s applied to contactless cards.

In the fast-moving world of payments, Barclaycard never stands still. We’re determined to make it easier for buyers and sellers to make and take payments. And what could be easier than our bPay wearables?

TOPSHOP x bPay contactless accessories range

If you’re searching for a fashion-forward twist when it comes to wearables, then look no further than our playful Topshop designed accessories. This innovative collection has two distinct ranges – a funky, monster fish print style of stickers and wristbands, all created to contain our small bPay contactless chip so you can pay with flair wherever you see the contactless symbol. For those of you wanting elegant appeal, opt for our new Luxe range. This smart collection includes two chic bracelet designs, quirky robot key rings and edgy smartphone cases so all your payments are stylishly close at hand.

For more information go to bpay.co.uk/topshop. You can buy the Topshop range in selected Topshop stores and online at topshop.com.

bPay Luxe

bPay loop

The modern shopper is all about convenience, connectivity and choice. They want to be able to pay quickly and easily; but many want to keep the variety, style or sentimentality of their favourite accessories. That’s why we created bPay loop.

Discreet and durable, bPay loop is a small silicon case that houses a contactless chip. It effortlessly slides onto any watch or fitness band that has an open buckle, so much-loved watches or favourite fitness bands can be turned into a way to pay.

Powered by our technology, it works just like the rest of the bPay range. So all you need is a UK Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card registered to our digital wallet, and you’re all set to pay wherever you spot the contactless symbol. 

bPay mondaine

Mondaine and Garmin with bPay loop

Just as bPay loop lets our customers truly personalise the way they pay, it’s also opened up opportunities for us to partner with exciting businesses.  So we decided to team up with Swiss watch maker Mondaine, and fitness tech brand Garmin, who are offering loop alongside their innovative products.

The Mondaine watch holds iconic status and the brand is renowned for its Swiss railway clock watch face and its elegant line of unisex watches. Garmin holds powerful standing in the technology space with its extensive range of fitness bands and smart watches.  If you’re looking for a chic yet simple payment watch, check out the Mondaine e-shop here. For those of you, looking to monitor your fitness or exercise progress, take a look at the Garmin offering with loop here.

bPay loop Garmin

A one-of-a-kind way to pay

Payments just got more personal. We’ve partnered with Case Station - acclaimed for their customised, one-of-a-kind phone cases - to launch a range of smartphone cases with bPay’s contactless payment technology built in.

Case Station lets you use your own images, text and designs to make your phone case your own. Cases compatible with a range of devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and LG handsets are now available with bPay, so you can use your unique case to make touch-and-go payments up to £30. The technology links your case to our secure digital wallet, and you can manage your funds via the mobile app or the bPay website. The automated top-up function means you’ll always have credit.

smartphone cases on a table